I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Raveche’s lecture which was full of insightful knowledge, thought-provoking questions, and constructive suggestions on entrepreneurship and commercialization. I think he is a remarkable speaker who can help the audience recognize the reason why research endeavors should be carefully aligned with market potential and technology transfer. His heartful advice and wealth of knowledge and experience was effective to strengthen my commitment to making contributions to our society through R&D and commercialization.

Dr. Heecheon You
Pohang University of Science & Technology

Dr. Raveche is a fabulous speaker. He is energetic and passionate about Academic-Entrepreneurship and he speaks to academia and researchers from his vast experience in the field. Certainly not to be missed are his vibrant Q & A sessions, a testimonial that he engages and captures participants by inspiring them about Academic-Entrepreneurship.

Professor Dato’ Dr. Mohammed Noor Embi
Director, UKM-Centre for Collaborative Innovation

The Feasibility Study to Establish Universidad Nacional de Investigacion, Ingeneria e Innovation (UNI3) by Dr. Harold J. Raveche, President of Innovation Strategies International, and Tatung University in Taiwan will help propel the Dominican Republic to the realm of change and transformation that the country needs as it looks to develop a vibrant economy benefiting all Dominican society in the 21st century. UNI3 will become the main instrument of change in the years to come and the platform from which the Dominican Republic will launch a new economic revival.

Lic. Eddy M. Martinez
Secretary of State & Executive Director, Centro de Exportacion e Inversion de la Republica Dominicana

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