Whom We Serve


R&D Organizations

Corporate and government R&D organizations have ongoing difficulty generating market returns from research investments. The challenge is to have the market potential of each research program at top of the mind from conception to completion of prototype. ISI works with management and researchers, to build the mindset for demand side research rather than supply side where technologies are pushed on the market. ISI assists R&D units in establishing a vibrant and sustainable culture of entrepreneurship among researchers. ISI advances communications between R&D and marketing and sales, to effectively promote the value proposition of new products from R&D in the global marketplace.


Increasing global competition for qualified students, dependency on problematic government research sponsorship, and uncertain philanthropy due to the difficult global business environment have strained university and college finances. The hierarchical structure of academe and the traditional faculty reward system, do not offer incentives for change. ISI works closely with academic leadership, faculty and research centers to identify fresh approaches supported by all. ISI conducts workshops on innovation and entrepreneurship for academic leaders, faculty and students, where all contribute to developing new initiatives. ISI helps realize the market value of university research and design new curricular in demand by business, industry and government, regionally, nationally and globally. ISI assists university administration in creating a vibrant campus learning environment which increases student job placement and nurtures student entrepreneurs who will create wealth and jobs.

Manufacturing Corporations, Electronics, Auto, Defense

Legacy business models and the focus on today’s products and services make it difficult for corporations to advance an innovative and an entrepreneurial mindset among executive and operational staff. ISI works closely with management to identify their business goals and priorities, whose realization is the objective of ISI’s services. Participatory workshops are conducted for administrative and technical staffs to promote innovation, and organizational entrepreneurs who drive growth initiatives. The workshops involve cross organizational innovation teams charged with recommending specific business initiatives to penetrate new markets and expand today’s business. Reports are made to management for their deliberation. ISI offers management the option of its continued involvement in implementing recommendations from the innovation teams.

Government Agencies

In developed economies, today’s economic stagnation requires strategically designed initiatives for innovation based on each nation’s priorities, ranging from defense and home land security, to renewable energy and aging infrastructure. For many developing nations, the strategy of attracting multinational businesses for manufacturing and service jobs has limited growth prospects as new lower cost centers of skilled labor emerge globally. ISI works closely with government agencies to develop new initiatives involving business, industry and higher education, that build an expanding base of small and medium size enterprises for jobs and wealth creation. ISI assists government Ministers and Secretaries, in the conception and design of effective programs for the expansion of business and preparation of a workforce with superior technical and managerial skills to advance high tech industries.